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A crane truck or car crane is a truck on which a crane / telescopic mast is mounted. This mast is usually equipped with a column, a boom with an extension part. To increase the possibilities even a (fly) jib can be mounted. Crane trucks are often used for loading and unloading work in construction. At TopTrucks you will find a wide range of trucks with a crane that are for sale.

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The possibilities of a crane truck are very diverse. Due to the many possibilities and additional functions with which a truck crane can be executed, a crane can also contain hydraulic attachments to make loading and unloading even easier. You can think of: a rotator, a squeezer bucket (or scale squeezer), a pallet hook (or spoon), a winch or a (load) hook. In addition, cranes differ in various areas of lifting capacity, reach and speed. Before buying, take a good look at the detailed specifications of the truck.

Trailer use

Crane trucks are often used on a construction site. Thanks to extendable outriggers that increase stability, they can be used on both paved and unpaved terrain. A truck crane is allowed to drive on public roads and highways and has a maximum speed of approximately 90 km / h. Like a terrain or timber crane, they are sometimes provided with a second cabin from which the crane can be controlled.

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Buying or selling a used crane truck is quick and easy via TopTrucks. In our range you will find major brands such as: Renault, MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Iveco. We sell our (used) trucks all over the world. Because of this you will also find less well-known brands such as: . Purchasing takes place mainly within Europe.

So are you looking for a crane truck for professional use or are you going to work with it as a hobby? An extensive range of truck with crane is offered for sale at TopTrucks.