Fire trucks

We have fire trucks for sale in various types, sizes, brands and models. They are used for various purposes. In the first instance, one can think of turning out to extinguish a fire such as: a forest fire, heather fire, house fire, company fire. However, a second-hand fire engine is also often used in emergencies in traffic or an industrial estate. At TopTrucks you will find a wide range of old fire trucks for sale.

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Old fire engines and equipment

Fire trucks, as mentioned, are used for various purposes. The equipment of an old fire brigade therefore also varies widely, we have vehicles with the following superstructures: ladder truck, tanker or fire-fighting vehicle, but they are also in our range as an assistance vehicle, rescue vehicle and safety vehicle. A fire truck can also be equipped with a hook arm for transporting a container or unit. Even if it has to be tougher and you are looking for a crash tender, which is often used at airports with water cannon and foam or powder for extinguishing an aircraft, you can succeed with us.

Convert old fire engine

An old fire truck is also often used as an expedition vehicle or as a basis for converting into a camper. They are often 4x4 vehicles, making them suitable for facing difficult conditions. You arrange the construction of a camper yourself. Because many fire trucks are equipped with a crew cab, also called a double cabin, these old fire brigades are extremely suitable for taking and transporting several people.

Buy or sell a fire truck?

Buying or selling an old fire engine is quick and easy via TopTrucks. In our range you will find major brands such as: Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Iveco and MAN. We sell our (used) trucks all over the world. Because of this you will also find less well-known brands such as: DAF, Unimog and Scania. Purchasing takes place mainly within Europe.

So are you looking for an old fire brigade for professional use, are you, for example, a collector looking for an American fire engine or are you going to work with it as a hobby? An extensive range of old fire trucks is offered for sale at TopTrucks.