Box trucks

A box truck, also known as a solo or front trailer, is more economical and cheaper to use than a combi or tractor trailer. The structure is also called a box, this is a plywood or aluminum snaplock material. There is also a sliding tarpaulin or covered variant which is often used for long (indivisible) cargo / lengths. For loading and unloading pallets, a box truck is equipped with a tailgate, this can be a rear-closing tailgate, but also a so-called sliding tailgate. Well-known brands are: DHollandia, Zepro, Pallift, Dautel and Bär. A side door is often provided for small packages. Box trucks are released in different weight classes, a 7.5 tonne for urban distribution, a 12 tonne so that you do not have to buy a Eurovignette or a maut. And an 18 tonne or higher (or small, medium and heavy).

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